My Photography – Looking Ahead

I’ve taken two courses on digital photography at the local community college and now nearly finished with the Professional Photography Course at the New York Institute of Photography, I continue to develop in my skills, knowledge, understanding, and interest in being a photographer.  I now shoot in manual mode 99% of the time and I’m much more atune to the dials, knobs, and menus on my camera.  More important, I have a new eye for my subjects and the composition of my photos.  One item I’m particularly working on are those little distractions that take away from my subject – and how to eliminate them before pressing the shutter.  In terms of my camera and gear, I’m a proud Pentaxian and love my Pentax K-1 ‘full-frame’ camera along with my Pentax K-3 ‘prosumer, semi-professional’ camera.  Here they are along with a list of my gear …


Pentax lenses (35, 50, 18-135, 50-200, and 28-105)
LowePro Hatchback Bag (22L)
Vanguard Tripod & Monopod
MeFoto Day Trip Mini Pod
And lots of other bits – spare battery, SD cards, wireless remote, etc


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