Classic Cars

Before I launch into my next round of posts, I wanted to set some context.  Last summer, I attended a car show where there were 75-100 cars on display.  I was awestruck by the colors, chrome, dashboards, engines, tires and rims, upholstery, and the attention and investment each owner made into their classic car.  But the one that really caught my attention was a Chevy Impala.  The owner relayed that it was his 42nd car restoration.  As the man talked about the car, I had this sobering thought – how was I as a photographer going to capture his love, attention, and investment into this car?  And for that matter, into any car at the show?  It was then that I realized the bond and pride between owner and car. That opened my eyes to this niche photography market.  Sure, I could pursue portrait, wedding, landscape, or architectural photography.  But those markets are already crowded with lots of great photographers.  Instead, my car show moment helped me to think about the potential of photography around these custom, iconic, and vintage motors.  You can view my classic car photos here.  Here are two from the collection.


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