Letters To A Young Photographer

Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking about this question – if I had the opportunity to share the most important lessons I’ve learned about photography with someone just starting out, what would I tell them?  What are the things I would pass along that I’ve learned (and continue to learn) to help me be a better photographer?  To answer this, I’m launching a series of blog posts in the form of a ‘letter’ to a fictitious, newby named ‘James’.  After using his camera phone for many years, James got his first DSLR and is eager to get started.  Each blog post will be a letter to James highlighting a key lesson he should concentrate on to help him grow and develop his photography knowledge and skills.  And while I hope these lessons will help James become a better photographer, I know this series will help me to clarify and articulate the most important things every photographer should know, at least from my perspective. I’m looking forward to writing these letters and having a series of posts that capture these key essentials.  Watch this space ….

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