Lesson 2 – Leave Auto Behind

James – as you become familiar with your camera, I want you now to concentrate on how to move away from ‘auto’ mode and start using your camera’s ‘manual’ settings.  What do I mean?  If you put your camera in its ‘auto’ settings, the camera itself will make all of the important decisions about what happens when you press the shutter button.  To be fair, the computer in your camera is very sophisticated and will adjust the settings accordingly.  The camera is deciding what settings to choose based on how it reads a scene.  Most of the time, it does a pretty good job.  But the growing photographer will want to take control so that they are making those decisions – not the camera. As you learned from reading your manual, your camera has a series of settings that allow you as the photographer to control things like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and many other important settings (we’ll talk about these in later lessons).  In some cases, there are in-between settings where you decide shutter speed or aperture (often called shutter priority or aperture priority) and the camera decides the rest.  Moving away from auto and moving towards manual will take lots of practice.  But the sooner you make the decisions and take control of the camera, the better the images you will produce.  I will update you in a few days with another lesson.

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