Lesson 3 – Develop Your Eye

James – the next lesson I want you to think about is developing your eye.  When you look through the viewfinder, what do you see?  It’s critical as you get started to think about what’s in the frame of the viewfinder before you press the shutter button.  Developing your eye is one of those critical skills that you’ll work on throughout your photography career.  So what do I mean by ‘developing your eye’?  It’s how you view your subjects and ‘see’ a scene when you look through the viewfinder, hopefully from a perspective and vantage point that others might not see.  For example, I would image there are tens of thousands of photographs taken everyday of the Eiffel Tower.  My guess is that the vast majority of them are taken from the same perspective (and probably from nearly the same place) as everyone else.  Blah!  The great photographer will take a photo of the Eiffel Tower from a different angle and perspective and try and see it in a fresh, new, and interesting way.  It’s that skill that will make your photography really stand out.  So how do you do it?  Before you press the shutter button, look through the viewfinder and think about what you see.  Then, try taking the photo while you are looking up or down, laying on the ground, crouching, or at a unique distance or angle.  Keep working the shot from different positions to see your subjects in new and interesting ways.  Those different angles will offer you a unique perspective on the world.  But to do that – and do it well – begins with developing your eye.  Keep at it.  I’ll be in touch in a few days with your next lesson.

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