Lesson 7 – Find Your Niche

James – by now, you’ve probably taken hundreds (maybe thousands) of photographs.  I hope it’s still exciting to have a camera in your hands and on the ready for anything that catches your eye.  Keep shooting as you learn and grow as a photographer.  But there will come a time where you will start to identify subjects and specializations and niches that really interest you.  Maybe you’ll enjoy catching fast action, working with people (and pets), or gravitate toward landscapes, buildings, and stationary objects. There are lots of specializations in photography such as portraiture, weddings, landscapes, architecture, street, fashion, photojournalism, macro, sports, environmentalism, and many more.  Whatever it is, find your niche (and it may be more than one), learn everything you can about how to best photograph that niche, and work toward becoming ‘known’ for photography around that niche.  For me, while I really enjoy taking photos of landscapes, forests, the changing seasons, and subjects in black and white, my favorite niche is photography of classic cars.  I continue to learn how to photograph their character, color, and chrome and how to best capture their iconic and vintage look.  It’s a lifelong passion that I continue to work at.  But let me stress this – don’t limit your photography too soon.  Keep shooting anything and everything as much and often as you can.  But over time, you’ll start to zero in on areas of photography that you really like to shoot.  You’ll start to compare your work with previous photos you’ve taken to see how you’re improving.  You may even compare your work with others.  Whatever that subject of interest (your niche), work toward photographing it with the right approach in terms settings, tools, and techniques to produce images that you’re known for and really proud of.  Another lesson will be on its way in a few days.

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