Lesson 10 – Tips & Tricks

James – I’ve labelled this lesson ‘tips & tricks’ because these are some simple things I’ve learned through experience and mistakes.  They are in no particular order, but wanted to pass them along for you to keep in mind as part of this series.

  • Carry your camera with you as much as possible.  If you don’t, you’ll find yourself wishing you had on many occasions.
  • Invest in and use a tripod (and/or a monopod) whenever possible.  Doing so will help avoid camera shake and potentially blurry photos.
  • Use a beanbag to steady your camera on a rock or stationary object.  It will give you more options in terms of camera placement.
  • If your camera’s shutter speed (1/100th) is slower than the longest focal distance of the lens you are using (100mm), you will probably incur blurry photos if you handhold your camera.  Use a tripod in this instance.
  • When shooting portraits, concentrate on the ‘eyes’.  Make sure they are clear and razor sharp when focusing.
  • Every time you go out to shoot, reformat the SD card in your camera. Before you do, though, be sure everything has been transferred off the SD card first or it will be lost.
  • If your lens has a ‘hood’, use it.  Not only will it protect you from glare, it will protect the lens if you bump into anything, which happens more than you think.
  • If you ever take photos of flowers, spray them with water to help them look fresh.
  • On bright sunny days, pay attention to shadows.  They can be harsh in the bright sun so make sure you see & avoid them when you’re shooting.
  • Don’t delete photos in your camera based on what you see on its LCD.  Wait until you can see them on a bigger screen to decide.

More to come.  I’ll be in touch with another lesson in a few days.

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