Lesson 12 – Grow Your Equipment

James – this is the final lesson I want to share with you. It has to do with your photography equipment.  I’ve deliberately placed this topic at the end of the lessons and not at the beginning.  Why?  For many, they believe buying more equipment will make their photography better.  Ok, while there may be some truth to that, I felt it was critical that you understood and focused on all of the previous lessons before we talked about acquiring more equipment.  Of course, it’s only natural that at some point you are going to want to add a 2nd camera, more lenses, filters, bag, tripod, flash, lighting, and much more.  There is no shortage of options for the motivated photographer.  But as with any hobby, photography equipment is expensive and you will only be able to add more gear as you can afford it.  Thankfully, through many online sites like Ebay, you can buy great quality used items.  So what should you buy?  For now, my recommendation is to concentrate on getting another lens to accompany the ‘kit’ lens that came with your camera.  You might want to choose between a prime lens (fixed focal length) or a zoom lens (one where the focal length changes as you adjust it).  Either of those will give you more options when you’re out shooting.  You might want to ask others in a forum what lenses they would recommend as your next lens.  I’m sure you’ve started thinking about additional gear you might need as you’ve been out taking photos.  I would prioritize those items and keep a running list.  In no time, your collection of camera gear will start to increase and give you more options when as you go out and shoot.  So with that, I will wrap up this series of lessons and will send one final letter in a few days.

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