What’s Next?

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my ‘letters to James’ with the goal of helping him to be a good photographer.  The series helped me to articulate the fundamentals of photography that I hope every photographer will know.  I have spent more time thinking about that series than anything I’ve written before and would love an opportunity to share the posts and possibly get them published – somewhere, somehow?  That series made me think alot (alot!) and was well worth the effort.  So what’s next on the blog?  I have a number of directions I’d like to go.  First, I would like to share more of my photos and discuss some of my thinking around the shots.  Second, I have a number of ‘lessons’ I’ve learned in the Professional Course at the New York Institute of Photography.  Third, I would like to blog a series of posts that capture resources, articles, and other information around topics that I’m thinking about. Finally, at some point, I would like to review and articulate my short and longer-term goals as a photographer.  All of that to say there is lots to come here on the blog.  Keep reading … and thank you for your interest in Wethersnaps Photography and my journey as a photographer.

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