Goal #3 – Keep Exploring

My third goal is to keep exploring new aspects of photography that I have little experience with or know little about.  I want to expand my photography knowledge and skills as I continue to develop as a photographer with the following …

  • Lighting.  My preference is to shoot in natural light conditions, even when I’m inside.  I would like to purchase a flash and/or a lighting kit and start to experiment with how to use off the camera flash for all types of situations.
  • Street Photography.  I love looking at photos of street photographers; images that were captured on the street – natural, raw, in the moment – taken of people going about their day.  I want to experiment with doing some street work.
  • Freelance Business. I’ve dabbled in thinking about photography as a business, but it’s time that I take it to the next level with concrete action steps to be/become a freelance professional photographer.  More on that later in a series of posts.
  • Go Mirrorless.  I’m blessed with great photography gear, but interested in understanding more about Mirrorless cameras and their capabilities.  I hope I can get one (lots of research to decide which one) when $$ become available.

One other way I hope to expand my photography is by printing and displaying my photos instead of just viewing them on the web.

With those in mind, I hope I can become a more well-rounded photographer.  Next up is my fourth goal, which is to ‘Keep Engaged’ …

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