Goal #4 – Keep Engaged

My fourth goal revolves around keeping engaged with other photographers and with the global photographic community.  So how will I do that?

  • PentaxForums.  As a proud Pentaxian, I want to increase my participation in pentaxforums.com by reading and posting more frequently and submitting to their weekly and monthly photo competitions.  I was so pleased to make into their final 15 for the ‘bridges’ contest.
  • Social Media.  As I have been doing for some time, I want to continue to post a couple of times per week to Facebook, Google +, Instagram, and my blog (wethersnaps.blog).  This will allow me to continue to keep shooting and sharing my snaps … and allow me to continue viewing the photography of others.
  • Photography Role Models – Blogs.  I would like to follow a series of photography role-models (at least 5) whose work I enjoy and admire and who maintain a blog, social media, or post to YouTube so that I can learn from their work.
  •  Competitions.  I would like to enter at least 5 local/regional photography competitions in the coming year; contests that will challenge my skills and allow me to get my work ‘out there’ for others to see and judge.
  •  Photography Club.  I have long hoped to form and/or be part of a photography club/society.  I would like to explore this further where I work or in the area where I live.  Who are the other photographers around me?  And what type of clubs are out there?

Keeping engaged with others who share the same passion for photography will only help me to be a better photography.

So there are my four goals … Keep Learning, Keep Snapping, Keep Discovering, and Keep Engaged.  I will use the next post to summarize them.

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