Photography Goals – 2017 – Summary

Here is a summary of my photography goals for the remainder of 2017 …


My first goal is to continue to learn and grow in my skills and knowledge around my camera, as a photographer, and in using the tools and features of Lightroom.

  • Camera Manual.  I want to thoroughly review my Pentax K1 camera manual so that I am familiar with every button, knob, dial, and setting.
  • Professional Photography Course.  I want to review all of my course materials from the Professional Photography Course at the New York Institute of Photography.
  • Lightroom.  I want to work my way through a learning series on Lightroom to ensure I have a full grasp of LR and how to use it to the fullest extent.


My second goal is to keep shooting more photos with a focus on classic cars, a 12-week personal challenge, and events/Americana.

  • Classic Cars.  I want to expand my collection of classic car photos by attending at least 5 classic car shows between now and the end of the year.
  • Photo Challenge. I would like to complete a 12-week challenge where I concentrate my photography around different themes.  Here is a list …
    • week 1 – self portrait
    • week 2 – the color blue
    • week 3 – nature
    • week 4 – bokehlicious
    • week 5 – black & white
    • week 6 – around the house
    • week 7 – motion/movement
    • week 8 – views/vistas
    • week 9 – architecture
    • week 10 – portrait/street
    • week 11 – lines
    • week 12 – the color green
  • Events & Americana.  I would like to expand my collection of Events and Americana by attending the annual Civil War Battle of Tunnel Hill (GA) and the Ketner’s Mill Festival.


My third goal is to keep exploring new aspects of photography that I have little experience with or know little about.

  • Lighting.  I would like to purchase a flash and/or a lighting kit and start to experiment with how to use off the camera flash.
  • Street Photography.  I want to experiment with doing some street work; photographing people going about their day.
  • Freelance Business. I want to concrete action steps to be/become a freelance professional photographer.
  • Go Mirrorless.  I’m interested in exploring mirrorless cameras and purchasing one as part of my gear.

I also want to print and display my photos instead of just viewing them on the web.


My fourth goal revolves around keeping engaged with other photographers and with the global photographic community.

  • PentaxForums.  I want to increase my participation in by reading and posting more frequently and submitting to their weekly and monthly photo competitions.
  • Social Media.  I want to continue to post a couple of times per week to Facebook, Google +, Instagram, and my blog (
  • Photography Role Models – Blogs.  I would like to follow a series of photography role-models (at least 5) whose work I enjoy and admire.
  •  Competitions.  I would like to enter at least 5 local/regional photography competitions in the coming year.
  •  Photography Club.  I would like to explore joining or creating a club where I work or in the area where I live.



2 thoughts on “Photography Goals – 2017 – Summary

    1. Thanks Olivia for your kind words. I’m glad you like the photos. I’ve just added a few more car photos from a show I attended yesterday. Enjoy …


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