My Fuji

I recently sold all of my Pentax gear and moved to Fuji.  I now shoot with a Fuji XH1 mirrorless camera and own three XF lenses – 16-55mm, 18-135mm, and 27mm.  So why Fuji? Here are some of the main reasons that I made the switch …

  • The quality & color of the images coming straight from the camera are outstanding
  • The camera is mirrorless – lighter but with an advanced cropped sensor
  • Fujifilm company has an aggressive business plan & wants to be very competitive
  • Their quality standards are extremely high; factory videos are phenomenal
  • The Lens line-up for X mount (XF) is superior – and always growing!
  • There is a large community of Fuji enthusiasts around the world to engage with
  • The XH1 has huge video capabilities (4K); a new format I want to explore
  • The XH1 has IBIS (in body image stabilization); its simply fantastic!

With that background, I want to share my goals for the coming year in the next post …

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