Looking Ahead

With the overall goal of taking great photographs, here are 10 photography-related things I want to accomplish this year …

  • To be thoroughly familiar with my new Fuji XH1 camera
  • To regularly review the Fujilove.com site and its content
  • To submit a photo to Fujilove’s monthly photo assignment
  • To review my entire NYIP course on Professional Photography
  • To post to the photoblog at least 3 times a week (Sun, Tue or Wed, and Fri)
  • To complete photography projects (Sep-Dec, Jan-Apr, May-Aug) **
  • To acquire 3-4 more Fuji XF lenses (mix of primes & zooms)
  • To expand my Cactus lighting gear and start shooting light-studio work
  • To be active in some type of photography community (f2f or online)
  • To complete Anthony Morganti’s ‘Lightroom CC’ course

** Projects

Sep-Dec 2018 | all tangled up in ‘blue’
Jan-Apr 2019 | black & white
May-Aug 2019 | patterns



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