Looking Ahead

With the overall goal of improving and growing my photography, here are the photography-related things I want to accomplish in 2019 …


  • Engage regularly with my FujiLove subscription & the community
  • Post photos on my Facebook page (+FB forums) & Instagram on Sun – Tue/Wed – Fri every week
  • Update wethersnap.com & include up to 1000 photos


  • Expand my Cactus gear and regularly shoot lights/studio work
  • Buy Vanguard or LowePro bag to haul camera + 2 lenses
  • Buy Fuji XF lenses | 3-4 primes & zooms


  • Complete Anthony Morganti’s Lightroom Classic CC course
  • Review my entire NYIP course on Professional Photography
    – Jan: Unit 1 – You and Your Equipment
    – Feb: Unit 2 – Capturing the Image
    – Mar: Unit 3 – Harnessing the Light
    – Apr: Unit 4 – Photographing People
    – May: Unit 5 – Broadening your Subject Range
    – Jun: Unit 6 – Professional Pathways
  • Take a photography course to improve my skills


  • Complete quarterly photo projects & produce 12-15 images for each project
  • Use wethersnaps.blog to document photo projects
  • Submit a photo to FujiLove’s monthly photo assignment competition



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