Lessons Learned

If you’re following the blog – and my quarterly project (Jan-Mar) on black & white photography – you’ll know that I have immersed myself in studying and shooting in b&w.  My approach so far has been to adjust my camera settings so that I both see (through the viewfinder) and shoot (with my Fuji Acros filter) in black & white.  In doing this, a couple of things have been striking so far …

  • My eye is drawn to the contrasts (not colors) between the intersection and alignment of black-gray-white tones.
  • Textures, patterns, and shadows feature more prominently when looking through the viewfinder.
  • B&w conveys a certain ‘mood’ that I don’t find when shooting in color; like playing ‘Enya’ on a rainy day when you want to sit in your jammies all day long.  (No offense Enya, I have always loved your music!)
  • Depending on the tones in the composition, b&w can sometimes feel cold and lifeless lacking life and vibracy that you find with color images.  That said …
  • In contrast, those compositional tones can convey powerful messages about subjects because the focus is NOT on the colors, but on the theme/subject itself.
  • Clouds really compliment a landscape image.

More to learn about black and white photography, but I wanted to pause to highlight some of the ‘lessons learned’ as I continue with my project.

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