Goal Setting

Even though 2018 is 12 weeks away, I’ve been thinking about my photography goals for the new year.  As a sort of ‘collecting my thoughts’ I thought I would use this blog post to start listing my goals (in no particular order).  These are the things I hope to achieve during next year …

  • Launch Wethersnaps Photography as formal business (earn up to $2000 my first year)
  • Buy Fuji (XT2 or XT20 or XPro2) mirrorless camera + lens
  • Post a photo EVERYDAY (365 in total) to my Facebook page
  • Update the blog 3 times a week with writing and b&w photos (a sorta street photography diary)
  • Post 3 times a week to my Pentax FB group, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Enter every PentaxForums monthly photo competition
  • Create a mobile studio – lights, stands, stools, etc

More to come, but wanted to get a head start on the new year ….