Welcome 2018!

Happy new year … welcome 2018!  As I start a new year, I have been thinking about some of the goals I hope to achieve over the next 365 days.  Rather than outline them all here, I’m going to feature my goals in a series of blog posts in the coming days.  For now, I just wanted to acknowledge the new year is here, which brings lots of opportunities to develop as a person and photographer.  Here’s to 2018 … more to come!

Goal #2 – Keep Snapping

My second goal as a photographer is to keep snapping.  I love taking photos and getting out and about with my camera.  There’s always something interesting to see and photograph.  But sometimes you need a focus on subjects or themes for inspiration.  Here are some specific ways I want to keep snapping …

  • Classic Cars.  I love shooting photos of classic cars.  They are filled with detail and history that can’t be captured anywhere else.  I want to expand my collection of classic car photos by attending at least 5 classic car shows between now and the end of the year.
  • Photo Challenge. I’m intrigued by those challenges where you are to take a photo (and post it!) every day for a year.  I’m not sure that’s the challenge I’m looking for, but have been considering a 12-week challenge where I concentrate my photography around different themes.  Here is a list I developed and would like to start this challenge in September.
    • week 1 – self portrait
    • week 2 – the color blue
    • week 3 – nature
    • week 4 – bokehlicious
    • week 5 – black & white
    • week 6 – around the house
    • week 7 – motion/movement
    • week 8 – views/vistas
    • week 9 – architecture
    • week 10 – portrait/street
    • week 11 – lines
    • week 12 – the color green
  • Events & Americana.   Fall is a great time to attend festivals.  I would like to expand my collection of Events and Americana by attending the annual Civil War Battle of Tunnel Hill (GA) and the Ketner’s Mill Festival.  Both are great places for photography.

In summary, my second goal is to keep shooting more photos with a focus on classic cars, a 12-week personal challenge, and events/Americana.  Next up is Goal #3 – Keep Exploring (more on that in the next post).

Goal Setting

For the last few months, I’ve shared a little about my background as a photographer along with lots of photos I’ve taken in recent years.  In the next series of posts, I want to focus on my goals.  What are the immediate (short and long-term) things I want to achieve as a photographer?  What am I aiming for and hoping to accomplish?  I plan on outlining my goals here on the blog.  And in doing so, it will be a good chance for me to slow down and evaluate where I am and where my photography is headed.  So be on the lookout for my goal-setting posts in the coming days.  Next up … Goal #1.

 What’s Next?

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my ‘letters to James’ with the goal of helping him to be a good photographer.  The series helped me to articulate the fundamentals of photography that I hope every photographer will know.  I have spent more time thinking about that series than anything I’ve written before and would love an opportunity to share the posts and possibly get them published – somewhere, somehow?  That series made me think alot (alot!) and was well worth the effort.  So what’s next on the blog?  I have a number of directions I’d like to go.  First, I would like to share more of my photos and discuss some of my thinking around the shots.  Second, I have a number of ‘lessons’ I’ve learned in the Professional Course at the New York Institute of Photography.  Third, I would like to blog a series of posts that capture resources, articles, and other information around topics that I’m thinking about. Finally, at some point, I would like to review and articulate my short and longer-term goals as a photographer.  All of that to say there is lots to come here on the blog.  Keep reading … and thank you for your interest in Wethersnaps Photography and my journey as a photographer.