Wethersnaps Photoblog

Welcome!  Thanks for checking out my photoblog.  As a close companion to my photography site – wethersnaps.com – I wanted a place to record my thoughts and share my photos; a focused, disciplined, organized, and systematic way to stay engaged with my journey as a photographer.  My primary goal for the photoblog is to showcase my photography projects.  For 2019, I plan on completing quarterly projects (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec).  In addition to the projects, you’ll also find my thoughts on photography, my digital interests, resources that are helpful to me, and some of the lessons I’ve learned (and am learning) as a photographer.  Before I launch into my first project, which starts in January, I wanted to share some of my background and photography goals.  I hope you’ll follow me on the photoblog.